The Best Baby Gifts for Newborns & Infants

The Best Baby Gifts for Newborns & Infants

Are you or someone you know having a baby this year?

In a world where we are spoiled for choice when it comes to baby products it can be very overwhelming working out what to get baby.  There are so many must have items for baby and there are those gorgeous little things that you want for baby.  But what to buy?  What is worth spending your hard earned money on?  Will baby get much use out of it?  Will mum appreciate it?  Is it worth it?

This is where we come in.  The team at KJ Essentials for Baby has done the hard work for you.  So whether you are shopping for a loved one’s baby shower or planning your own baby gift registry we have compiled some of the best baby gifts available in Australia for babies and parents-to-be.

1. Baby Bath

Part of every baby’s daily routine is a having a nice warm bath.  May households today don’t even have a bath and those that do don’t want to bathe their newborn in it as it is too big, takes too much time to fill and wastes a lot of water.

This is where we introduce you to our top selling bath, the Skip Hop Moby Bath.

The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3 Stage Baby Bathtub grows with baby through three stages making it useful from birth to toddler.

Plus this baby bath tub is shaped like a whale making bathing your baby even more fun. How can you resist washing bub in a gorgeous whale?

This bath has a removable & washable mesh sling that locks into two positions so you can bathe your newborn while fully supported by this sling, and then you can change it to the lower position for older babies who are learning to sit unaided.

The dual layered mesh and comfort-edge construction of this sling securely cradles baby from head-to-toe freeing up your hands & arms for washing baby and caring for them during bath time.

Simply remove the bath sling when baby has mastered sitting and easily bathe baby in the spacious baby bath tub that has no uncomfortable plastic bumps that make bath time uncomfortable.

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2. Bouncing Rocker

It can often be hard keeping baby happy and entertained while you get on with the things you need to do.  You want baby to be safe and happy during those moments when you simply do not need the interruption like when you are showering, or cleaning up or simply taking a well earned break.

The Levo Baby Rocker by Charlie Crane is the ultimate rocker for your new baby.  It goes above and beyond a standard rocker with its ergonomic design and natural rocking motion.

It’s the perfect place for your little one to chill out and rock away in comfort and style.

The Levo rocks gently with your baby’s movement so you can just sit back and watch bub self soothe and chill out.

The Levo Rocker features a child-friendly design that includes proven ergonomics to support your child’s healthy growth and it’s natural rocking follows softly the movements of your baby.

The slight incline of the rocker helps to reduce the symptoms of reflux and also means that the baby can look around and interact with loved ones.

The shaped birch and beech timber wood frame and soft yet durable cotton padding cushion top makes for a beautifully modern piece of nursery that will be adored by all.

It is suitable for newborns up to around seven months. The soft strap provides extra comfort and security.

The cushion cover can easily be detached and washed.

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3. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a must have item these days.  Parents love a good video monitor as it can help them monitor baby from another room or another level of the house or even from the backyard.  A good video monitor will especially give them peace of mind when the parents or carers are asleep.

Having a video monitor on bub means should they stir, you don’t need to stop what you are doing and make a trip to the baby nursery to see what they are doing.  You can simply look at the monitor to assess if they are just stirring or need you there.

Without doubt the tech company Oricom are the makers of some of the best video baby monitors  on the market today.

The top of the range video monitor is Oricom’s Secure860 Touch Screen Baby Monitor and is the ultimate in video baby monitoring.

Featuring a 3.5” touchscreen parent unit with 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and womb sounds included, this unit is sure to make sleep-time easier.

With multi camera functionality, room temperature monitoring and a parent unit battery life of up to 6.5 hours under ordinary use conditions, this is the baby monitoring solution you have been looking for.

The baby friendly night vision enables the parent to check on baby during the night.  The parent talk back enables you to calm and soothe the baby without entering baby’s


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4. Baby Bath

When baby outgrows their snug baby bath and you don’t have a big bath or you don’t want to waste water filling the big bath, the best option is to upgrade to a toddler bath.

Uniquely designed to provide confidence and comfort, the Shnuggle Toddler Bath features a contoured base offering a more natural sitting position, a grippy surface for reassurance and a padded backrest for extra warmth and support while your toddler bathes.

The handy plug allows you to empty or refresh the water quickly and the water fill line indicator helps minimise the amount of bath water needed.

The Shnuggle Toddler Bath is suitable for babies that have outgrown their first bath where they are standing up too often and are able to confidently sit up on their own. This is typically around 10-12 months but depends on their size and development stage.

The Shnuggle Toddler Bath can then be used up until around 4 years old depending on size of child.

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5. Change Mat

A baby can go through an average of 2,200 nappies in the first year.  With the average time to change a nappy being 5 minutes that means a baby will spend about 183 hours lying down having their nappy changed.  Knowing that so much time is spent changing them you want to ensure they have a good clean and comfy surface on which to lie.

We absolutely love the Leander Matty Nappy Change Mat because we think it is the best!

Leander’s all-in-one change mat Matty transforms any flat surface into a safe baby change station. Bub will be super comfy lying straight on Matty thanks to its super soft material.

It’s wipe clean surfaces means that there is no need for a cover that needs to be washed constantly Easy to clean and wipe the Matty is made from an hygienic 100 % waterproof surface so that no fluids leak into the cushion.

The Leander Matty change mat’s super soft non-slip base complete with 4 silicone “feet” will keep it safely in place on any table, dresser or bench top. It’s function & portability enables you to create the perfect changing spot anywhere you may be. Made from pliable yet strong PUR (polyurethane foam) you will love the sturdiness of the Matty.

Weighing a sturdy 2.9kg  so you can rest assured that the mat will stay in position even when bub is super active during change times.

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6.  Non Contact Thermometer

The one item every parent will need when they have a baby is a thermometer.  It is the only way to accurately tell if baby has a fever.  Taking a babies temperature can be quite challenging at the best of times but when they are sick the wriggly and squirm and cry making it so hard to get an accurate reading with a standard thermometer.  Plus if they are asleep, you want to be able to accurately take their temperature without waking them.

This is why we recommend a contact free thermometer and our favourite one is the Oricom HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.

This clever little thermometer allows you to measure your baby’s temperature without any contact involved making it so easy to operate with no risk of virus transmission. No struggle.  No stress.

The colour coded display makes fever monitoring simple and effortless.

The Oricom HFS1000 provides fast (within 2 seconds) and accurate temperature detection of the body, the room or surface.

It can store up to 32 recorded temperatures making it super easy to track and trend temperature readings.

It’s large backlight display makes reading the result so easy even in the dark middle of the night.

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7. Nappy Bin

Changing dirty nappies multiple times a day is bad enough but to having to deal with the smell is even worse.  You can’t just pop them in the kitchen bin as the smell tends to waft out and smells out the house. You could just pop them in the outside bin but this is the very last thing you want to be doing in the cold, or when it is raining or when it is in the middle of the night.

Make disposing of baby’s nappies a breeze with the Ubbi Nappy Bin.  This clever bin can be placed right next to your change station and can hold up to 58 nappies so you really only need to empty this bin once a day even if you multiple bubs in nappies.

The Ubbi Nappy Bin is made of powder coated steel to achieve maximum odour control.

It is equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odours as well as a sliding lid that minimises air disruption, keeping the smell inside the bin.

The Ubbi’s eco conscious design means you can use your choose of eco-friendly store bought bin liner or reusable cloth liner. This features makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean.

Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi Nappy Bin includes a child-proof lock and is available in a range of modern colours.

All the style none of the smell- a promising solution for every nursery.

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8. Moses Basket

When baby is tiny they sleep every few hours.  As many parents prefer to be in the same room when baby sleeps its important to find something they can sleep in that can be moved around the house to where their mum is.

The perfect solution to this is a moses basket.  The most perfect moses basket is the stunning Soft Corn Husk Moses Basket.

This beautiful Moses basket from the Belgium family owned company, Childhome is the perfect cradle for your newborn baby.

Soft with modern boho vibes it provides a cosy spot for baby to sleep.

Made from all natural soft corn husk it will compliment any room in the house.

Comes complete with a fitted foam mattress and woven carry handles for portability.

You can also purchase separately a the matching Rocking Stand for Moses Basket.  This too is light weight and can be moved around the room.  Simply pop the moses basket in the rocker and when snuggly inside baby can be gently rocked to sleep.

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9. Best Breast Pump Starter Kit

There are many benefits to pumping your breast milk for baby.  Pumping allows you to build up your milk supply even before baby needs more milk.  This extra breast milk can then be stored for later use.

Frozen breast milk can be stored for up to 6 months.  Storing your breast milk can be of great benefit during times where mum cannot use her supply such as when she may be sick or unavailable.

Things to look for in a good breast pump is ease of use, quietness, discretion and function.

For these reasons we recommend

The Haakaa New Mum Premium Pack is the perfect gift for a new mum whether it’s for yourself or a gift for another mummy.  It contains all of Haakaa’s best sellers in a gorgeous gift pack that is just the thing for the breastfeeding mum. This pack includes:

Haakaa Gen. 2 150ml Silicone Breast Pump

Made from 100% food grade silicone this compact breast pump is perfect for long distance trips, planes, car rides, family BBQs or anywhere you would like to discreetly & quickly express. To operate just suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction. 100% eco-friendly and safe for mum, baby and our environment.

Silicone Flower Stopper
This little stopper sits tightly in the neck of your breast pump and will stop any spills or accidents.

Silicone Breast Pump Cap
If you want to protect your Haakaa Breast Pump from accidental spills and keep your precious breast milk safe  the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Cap is the ideal solution. Made from 100% food grade silicone, the Haakaa Breast Pump Cap fits securely over the top and seals your pump to keep it free of airborne dust and other nasties to remain clean and hygienic between uses!

Gen. 3 Glass Bottle 90ml 
The Haakaa Gen. 3 Glass Baby Bottle is designed to provide the most natural feeding experience possible for mum and baby. The orthodontic thumb-shaped teat mimics the shape of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, and the offset position allows you to feed your baby without completely inverting the bottle. The Haakaa glass bottles are made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass making them safe to heat and freeze and perfect for storing expressed breast milk!

This bottle comes with a Slow Flow Teat.

Gen. 3 Sealing Disks
The Haakaa Silicone Bottle Sealing Disk transforms your Gen. 3 Silicone Bottles into the perfect container for storing breast milk, liquids and snacks, or for taking food on the go. They’re completely airtight, keeping food fresh and preserving the beneficial properties of breast milk that are so important for our growing little ones.

Nanosilver Silicone Dummy
The Haakaa 100% silicone dummy is made from one piece of soft & safe silicone that is free of harsh chemicals! No more dealing with hard plastic bits that trap moisture and leave nasty rashes – our dummies are gentle on your little one’s skin, gums and new teeth.

Nanosilver silicone is a natural method of maintaining cleanliness of up to 99.9% without additional disinfection by boiling or sterilising. It also prevents odour and discolouration/darkening that occurs with natural rubber products.

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10. Drying Rack

Babies up to 2 months old will want to feed every 3 – 4 hours.  This is around the clock.  So this means that every 24 hours a baby will go through around 6 – 8 bottles a day.

To keep the bottles clean and germ free it is recommended that they be cleaned and sterilised and left to air dry.

With so many bottles being washed and dried throughout the day it can take up a lot of bench space.

This is why we recommend the Oxo Tot Space Saving Drying Rack.

With a compact design the Space Saving Drying Rack will hold cups, bottles, and all their parts without cluttering the bench top.

The angled pegs hold cups and bottles at just the right angle for thorough drying, while the top & base are perfect for drying those fiddly bits such as valves and dummies.

The OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack is designed to fit neatly under cabinets so it can be tucked out of the way and against the wall.

The clever base tray features smooth ridges to keep lids and other bits more elevated for quick drying.

Both the base and top trays are removable for thorough cleaning.

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11. Nappy Bag

When you leave the house with a baby you need to take a lot of stuff with you.  So much stuff it is hard to believe when you first become a parent.  From nappies, to bottles, to wipe cloths, to a change of clothes and so much more.

To leave the house with all of the essentials and some not so essentials you not only need a good sized bag, but you need to be able to access any one thing in a moments notice.

This is where a good quality nappy bag comes in.

We are in love with the OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack for so many reasons.

Not just practical, but The OiOi Tan Faux Leather Nappy Backpack is a stylish and easy way to carry all your baby’s needs.

This stunning nappy bag has loads of handy pockets designed to carry all of those baby necessities and includes a cushioned changing mat, insulated bag for baby’s bottle and a zip top purse for any soiled items.

Travel hands free in comfort with the adjustable padded shoulder straps, or attach it to the pram using the complimentary stroller clips when heading out & about.

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12. Pram Caddy

When you first have a baby one  you spend a fair amount of time walking them in the pram.  It’s a great way to get your fitness back after being pregnant and also a wonderful way to entertain baby with all the sights and sounds of the big world and to also soothe them off to sleep.

When out & about with baby it is essential to pack a few things.  A spare nappy or two, some wipes, a bottle, some water for you and your wallet, keys and mobile.

To store these little bits and pieces you need to pack them so that they can be easily and quickly accessed and often without having to stop the pram and possibly wake a sleeping bub.

A pram organiser that is well made with clever pockets and handy spots that will compliment most prams is the OiOi Faux Leather Stroller Organiser.

As fashionable as it is functional, this OiOi Stroller Organiser is made from beautifully soft premium faux leather.

Designed to keep all of your baby & toddler essentials in easy reach when on the go.

The removable dividers allow you sort your essentials to one, two or even three sections. This makes it super easy to grab what you need in a flash.

The two roomy front pockets gives quick and easy access while the back zip pockets keep your valuables secure.

Included is a long detachable faux leather strap to convert the organiser to a handy shoulder bag.

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13. Carrier

For a newborn, there is nothing as comforting and soothing as being held close to mum.  When held close to mum’s chest they feel her warm, they hear her heart beat and they find great comfort in breathing in her smell.  Some babies simply need more comfort than others and this is wear popping them in a baby carrier can provide immense comfort for baby and a great relief for mum who can get about her day hands free.

We absolutely love the Ergobaby Embrace Carrier to keep your newborn baby close and snug from day one.

The Ergobaby Embrace combines the cosiness of a parents’ hug with the simplicity & comfort of a structured carrier.

The soft, comfy knit fabric is soothing and nestles baby closely to parent for a snug fit that keeps baby supported

No complex fabric tying involved.

The Embrace features easy to buckle waist belt and shoulder straps. As newborn grows, easily switch baby from newborn mode to baby facing in without adjustments. When baby is ready, switching to facing out mode is simple and easy, too.

Experience convenience and complete comfort. Adjustable seat adapts with baby’s growth for ergonomic support and comfort. The cross-shoulder straps spread wide for additional support for both baby and parent.

When not in use, the Embrace can be rolled up and stored. Small enough to be tucked into a diaper bag so that it’s on hand when needed.

Spreadable shoulder strap option keeps fabric around baby’s neck taut for a snug and supported fit. The padded neckline provides additional support for the newborn’s head.

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14. Rockit

Getting out of the house to take a break when you have newborn baby is not as easy as it seems.  Mainly because you need to take the baby with you. So you pop them in the pram and head off to your favourite cafe to grab a well needed coffee but as soon as you stop the pram, baby wakes!

Keep them sound alseep with the Rockit.

The Rockit is a portable automatic pram rocker designed to rock bub to sleep. It secures to the pram handle and when turned on will work to rock the pram just as if it is still moving along. You can also adjust the speed all depending on whether your bub likes a more gentle motion or a more rocking ride. After 30 minutes the Rockit will automatically turn off but it can quickly and easily be turned back on by pushing the button.

It takes four AA batteries, which should last for 60 hours which works out to be about couple of months worth of rocking snoozes.

It’s also nice and quiet so it won’t disturb anyone around you when it is turned on. Plus it is even ‘showerproof’ so it can take a little light rain.

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15. Change Clutch

A good nappy clutch is an absolute must have item when out and about with a baby.  All babies need changing as soon as possible when they have a soiled nappy.  In times like these you don’t often get to pick the perfect spot to change the nappy.

This is where a good nappy change clutch is the best thing ever for you just need to open it and you have all you need to change the nappy as well a comfy clean surface to change the nappy on.

For this reason we recommend the Oi Oi Change Clutch in botanical navy not only because is it one of the best clutches around but is also the prettiest.

Made from a stunning hand painted Australian botanical print you will love owning this beautiful item.

The fabric both inside and out can be easily wiped clean.

It boasts a handy zippered outer pocket that is perfect for your keys, wallet or mobile.

The inner zip pocket safely and securely holds up to three small nappies, creams and other essentials.

Using the handy wristlet you can hang the Oi Oi Change Clutch on your pram, stroller or around your wrist.

You have to see this clutch in person to understand just how stunning it is.

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16. Sleep Nest

There is a lot of debate about where a newborn should have their sleeps. Many sources will tell you the best place for a newborn baby to sleep is in a bassinet in their parent’s room.  Many parents prefer the option of co-sleeping as they find when they co-sleep their baby goes to sleep faster and for longer.  It also makes night time feeding that much easier.

A sleep nest is a great place to pop bub for sleeps should you choose to co sleep.  As a sleep nest is lightweight and portable you can pop it on any safe flat surface in the house so bub can sleep where ever you may be.  You can also take a nest out and about with you so bub always has a familiar place to lie down for a snooze.

When it comes to sleep nest we love Done By Deer’s Cozy Nest.  It is the perfect size for babies from birth up to 12 months of age.

The Cozy Nest is made from high quality materials and is structured to ensure great stability and comfort. It is both breathable and air permeable for extra safety and comfort

Through hidden zippers at the side the filling and the mattress can be both removed quickly removed and easily for washing.

Available in pink, blue and grey you can pick a colour that suits any home.

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17. Nappy Caddy

Skip Hop Light Up Nappy Caddy

When you first bring baby home it seems all you are doing is feeding and changing them.  Mainly because that is indeed the case, but also because you do it around clock.

To make life easier during this time you need a nappy caddy that you can pack with your changing essentials and have it with you for those nappy changes.

At night most new parents keep their caddy next to the change station but when it’s dark the last thing you want to do is  wake a sleepy baby by flicking on the light to change their nappy.

This is why we love Skip Hop’s Light Up Nappy Caddy.

This light weight yet versatile & sturdy nappy caddy features a unique touch-sensitive light on the handle.

All you need to do is give the button at the top of the handle a light touch and it shines a softy glowing light inside the caddy.

If you get busy and forget to turn it off, don’t worry as it will automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes

With a movable interior divider you can organise nappies, wipes, hand sanitisers and more exactly how you like.  Plus the outer pockets are perfect for those extra bits you need to grab in a flash

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18. Sleep Aid + Vaporiser

Getting a baby to sleep and to stay asleep is one of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent.  When they are little they need to feel safe and secure and comfortable before they fall asleep.  Plus a newborn’s sleep cycle last for only 45 minutes so they easily stir and wake faster that you know it.

We love the idea of gently soothing your baby to sleep with the world’a first advanced sleep aid vaporise, the Aroma Snooze.

The Aroma Snooze has been specifically designed to improve and enhance the sleep of the whole family, from new born babies, to senior family members.

Featuring a pulsing light that changes through the red-orange light colour spectrum to stimulate melatonin levels – the hormone in our body that regulates sleep.

The Aroma Snooze’s light can also oscillate between shades of the full colour spectrum of LED light, for a soothing and mesmerising effect and can be set to individual colours if desired.

The Aroma Snooze has a built in music & sound component that plays sleep inducing melodies like Rock-A-Bye Baby. Choose the pink noise option for its sleep-enhancing properties, pink noise slows down and regulates brain waves allowing for a deeper, longer sleep. The comforting heart beat sound is great for relieving separation anxiety while the rain sound is soothing for both adults and children.

The built in voice recorder will allow you to personalise your Aroma Snooze experience by making a recording (up to 30 seconds) that can be played on a continuous loop. Perhaps you may like to record a) A favourite song b) Positive words of encouragement c) A comforting ‘shhhh’ sound.

The Aroma Snooze adds a very light moisture (300ml over 10 hours) back into the atmosphere to create a better breathing environment. It may also help you to sleep more comfortably and prevent dry skin conditions.

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19. Rocking Cradle

In the first few weeks of a baby’s life, new parents prefer to have their baby sleep in their room with them.  The best option for this is a baby bassinet as it smaller than a cot and most often portable so you can move them from room to room as it suits.

There are many bassinets out there and the one that we cannot go past is the Kumi Cradle.

Designed and made by innovative French company Charlie Crane is a stunning and natural addition to any home.

It’s the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional design, with its minimalist and contemporary lines.  This is a cradle that lasts the test of time with its graphic, contemporary lines while still being a classic cradle that sways and soothes just like your cradle did.

The design of the Kumi Cradle’s enables a gentle yet natural rocking motion that will soothe baby to sleep.

The wooden structure is made from Turkish or Romanian Beech and adds to the unique natural style of this designed rocking baby cradle.

The Kumi’s cocoon style base is made from 100% natural breathable cotton while the surrounds is a mesh that allows baby to breathe but be seen without having to look into the cot and possible disturb your sleeping baby.

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20. Baby Food Maker

It is recommended that around 6 months of age that baby is introduced to solid food by way of weaning them slowly off their milk.  This can be both and exciting and overwhelming time for both parent and baby.

To ensure the best start to a baby’s food journey it is no secret that they should be introduced to healthy, nutritious foods that fuel their body.  They also need a wide variety of foods and textures for development of their motor skills and to encourage baby to enjoy their diet.

While store bought food is super easy and convenient, there is nothing better than a home cooked meal made with a pinch of love.

We love the Beaba Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker as it the simplest, easiest and most fun way to make a huge range of foods that baby will love.

Babycook Neo’s four settings eliminate the need for pots, a blender and a microwave so that making baby food is as simple as possible.

Create everything from a fine purée to a chunkier purée and everything in between – the unique pulse-blend feature ensures that your baby is getting the correct consistency of baby food every step of the way.

The patented steam cooking system turns off automatically, so you never have to worry about watching over the Babycook or overcooking your baby’s food.

As a bonus, the newly designed reservoir is easily accessible for hassle-free cleaning!

The Babycook Neo makes up to 1 250 ml of food in a sleek, patented bench top appliance that steam cooks, blends and reheats/defrost all-in-one, in 15 minutes or less. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right in the Babycook Neo.

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21. Activity Mat

When babies first come into the world they spend a lot of their time or lying down on their back.

It is for this reason health care professionals recommend daily tummy time which helps to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.

This gorgeous Done By Deer Activity Play Mat is the perfect spot for tummy time as it is so soft and comfortable for baby.  Turn baby over and they have a fascinating world above them to study and explore.

From the removable arches hangs little toys that provide different stimuli for baby to educate and keep them entertained.

Croco will crackle when touched, Elphee rattles, the little mirror will smile back and the balloons contains chime and a bell.  Each toy is there for baby’s stimulation and you can change the toy position or add more as you see fit.

The toy link or ring on each character allows you to secure it to the pram or car seat as well.

The activity bars are attached to the quilted mat with velcro and can be removed if you wish to use just the quilted mat or for storage.

Hang the toys in 13 different positions on the arches.

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22. Bath Thermometer

Bath time can be a wonderful time for baby.  It is a change for bub to be free of clothes and have a calming soothing time the nice warmth of the bath.

As baby skin is so delicate and sensitive it is important to get the temperature of the bath water just right.

The Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer is the simplest and easiest way to quickly & accurately tell when the water is just the right temperature for baby.

The pebble design is inspired by nature and looks just like a river stone bobby about.  It has a simple colour changing light heart display that indicates when the baby bath water temperature is just right.

The Shnuggle Pebbly floats in baby’s bath water making checking the water throughout bath time easy and stress free.

Simply gently shake to wake, swirl the bath water and drop Pebbly into baby’s bath.   The simple heart shaped display will quickly and accurately indicate whether the water is too hot, too cold  or just right.

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23. Steriliser

A baby’s immune system isn’t developed enough to fight off some infections. Their main source of nutrition is milk a breeding ground for bacteria, which can make baby sick.

Cleaning and sterilising all bottle-feeding equipment reduces baby’s chances of getting sick. It is important to sterilise feeding equipment & accessories until baby is 12 months old.

The best steriliser is one that is big, fast and doesn’t take up too much space.

We recommend the Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser as is the best one for the job.

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser has a super fast sterilisation cycle that lasts just five minutes.  It then keeps the contents sterile for 24 hours if you keep the lid shut.

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser has a large interior space and can hold up to six bottles at a time along with smaller accessories.

The sleek design means it will not take up as much space on your bench top as other sterilisers.

This Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser steriliser includes a Closer to Nature’s bottle, a Closer to Nature soother and a pair of teat tongs to lift bottle teats out of the steriliser and prevent contamination.

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24. Teether

Babies can start teething as early as 4 months old so giving the gift of teething relief will be most most appreciated when the time comes.

The range of baby teethers from One Chew Three are not only practical but oh so beautiful.

This DUO baby teether gives little ones the best of both worlds – a soft, chewable silicone ring to soothe and massage sore gums and a hard, natural beech wood ring to provide greater relief and assist teeth to break through that last layer of gum.

Made from high quality, 100% food grade silicone beads that are free from BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC and latex. They will not absorb odour or support the growth of mould, fungus or bacteria.

Complemented perfectly with a large 7 cm untreated beech wood ring, which are naturally antibacterial and non-splintering and sanded to a silky smooth finish.

These are modern, practical teethers at its best!

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25. Keepsake

When baby is first born it is so incredible to hold their little hands and feet.  Those little fingers and toes are just so tiny and ridiculously adorable.  But they grow so fast and then it becomes so hard to believe that they were ever that tiny.

That is why you simply have to take an imprint of their hands and feet so that their size is forever captured in time.

We love the Pearhead Babyprints Frame as it comes with everything you need to capture your little ones hand and feet imprints and store them beautifully.

The included ink is designed so that baby’s delicate skin doesn’t touch any ink and is super easy to do.

Then once dry you can store them and your favourite newborn pic in the wooden shadowbox frame and hang in your favourite spot or stow away in your special memories box

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