How to Host a Baby Shower

How to Host a Baby Shower

In the ever changing world of babies it is hard to keep up with the who, what, why and how’s of a baby shower.

Back in the day it was as simple as a holding a gathering of special female friends and families to snack on sweet treats, drink tea and play fun baby related games.

In just the past few years there has seen the arrival of the baby sprinkle, Sip n See’s, baby shower gift registries, virtual baby showers and so much more.

So what’s the deal with baby showers?  What are the must haves and the must do’s?

The team at KJ Essentials for Baby have done the research and created the ultimate starter guide for throwing a baby shower.  This is the perfect check list to use as a launching pad for your perfect baby shower whether it be a first time or a sprinkle, an in person shower or a virtual shower,  a simple baby shower or an over the top event.

When is the right time to have a baby shower?

Baby showers normally take when the mum is pregnant and a few months off giving birth.  It is best wait until she is in at least her second trimester as you don’t want to put the moz on her pregnancy.

You also don’t want to leave it too late and risk the baby arriving early and missing the baby shower entirely. Or possibly being so heavily pregnant she doesn’t enjoy the event.

The best time to throw a baby shower is around the 6 – 7th month of pregnancy.

When to send the invites?

As with most planned events the best time to send out the party invites is 3 to 4 weeks before the big day.  You want to give the guests the chance to be free that day, to arrange childcare and purchase a gift.

If you are going to have an online baby shower gift registry it is important that you include this info on a separate card to the invites to give the guest enough time to register and purchase their chosen gift and have it sent to you prior to the baby shower. This info should be in

Who hosts the baby shower?

The host is a trusted friend or family nominated by the mum-to-be to organise and run the baby shower.  In order to a great host they need to be a great organiser who can rally the guests, sort the theme and run the program on the day.

Traditionally it is the host who pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However these days most of the cost and responsibilities are divided up between the closest family members and friends.

When to throw the baby shower?

When it comes to decided on what time of day to throw a baby shower, the general rule of thumb is when it suits the mum-to-be.  As baby showers are normally alcohol free events and pregnant mums get more and more tired as the day goes on it is best to hold your baby shower during the day.

Afternoon baby showers are hugely popular as it opens up the options of a gorgeous high tea for the menu.  However baby shower breakfasts or brunches are increasing in popularity as it allows the guests the enjoy the festivities at the start of the day and the mum to be can rest in the afternoon.

Choosing a baby shower theme

There is a world of themes out there for baby showers.  From animal themes to colour themes to the whimsical and the comical you are spoilt for choice.  The best way to pick a theme is to base it around how the mum feels about her pregnancy or impending motherhood, the sex of her baby or even how the nursery is styled.  If you are time poor or simply struggling to come up with a baby shower theme it is often best to pare it back and make it simple.  Pick colour combo or a monochromatic theme. Add some pretty balloons and pretty up the party food with the same theme.

What to serve at a baby shower

As the mum to be won’t be drinking it is best to serve non alcoholic drinks.  Pick a mocktail of the day, or go for a juice bar, or serve a selection of fruity and pretty punches that the guests can serve themselves.

Creating a grazing table full of safe meats, hard cheeses, finger sandwiches, cupcakes and pastries not only looks stunning but means less work for the host.

Baby shower gifts

There is lots of things a new mum needs for her baby.  There are also lots more things she doesn’t need or doesn’t want.  The best way to ensure her guests nail the gift giving it is to create an online baby shower gift registry.  This way she can pick exactly what she wants and needs, she can add gifts that others can pool their resources and purchase as a group and she can ensure there are no unwanted double ups.  A good baby shower gift registry enables the receiver to pick the items she wants and sent it to her guests to the purchase and have sent directly to her.

When to the open the gifts

Open the gifts at the baby shower.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to sit down and enjoy watching the gifts being opened.  There is nothing more fun than seeing what she has received so make it part of the festivities.  If you had a baby shower gift registry then you will automatically have a list of who brought which gift.  If not then you will need  to ensure the host is taking note of the gift and the gift giver for the thank you notes.

When it is all over

Be sure to send a hand written note to all guests thanking them for their attendance and for their gift.  Be sure to mention which gift they gave and why the mum to be loves it to add that personal touch.

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