Collection: Carriers

At KJ Essentials for Baby we understand the importance keeping your baby close with baby wearing or as it’s sometimes called, kanga care. Baby wearing has been known to strengthen the bond between parent and baby, as you maintain a closeness throughout your day, especially during the “4th trimester.” Carrying your baby close to you aids in baby's development, both physically and emotionally. Ergobaby is the top brand when it comes to baby carriers.

With an Ergobaby your baby gets to discover their new world from the safety and comfort of your body. The feel the warmth of your body, the gentle sound of your hearbeat and the comfort of hearing your voice and feeling your movement. With an Ergobaby carrier from KJ Essentials for Baby you can carry your baby handsfree and get on with the all the other necessary tasks when at home with a newborn. Carry your baby in an Embrace and still cook, clean, work and walk. It just makes life with a baby so easy.