OiOi: Voted The Best Nappy Bag in Australia

OiOi: Voted The Best Nappy Bag in Australia

After running my online baby store KJ Essentials for Baby for over 10 years it’s safe to say I’ve come across of lot of nappy bags in my time. Trends may come and go with nappy bags but what parents always want from their nappy bag are three basic things.

The first is that it has to have lots of compartments & pockets. In those first years you need to fit a lot in your nappy bag and if there is no special spot for each of these items then you are going to spend way too much time rummaging around in it looking for that nappy wipe, or that spare nappy.  With lots of spots, spaces and places to put everything you will be able open up your baby bag, reach straight for it and have it in your hand in a flash. It’s organisation at it’s best.

The second is that it has to be well made. In it’s lifetime a nappy bag will go from being carted around to mother’s groups, to the grandparents house, attached to prams, thrown in the car, dropped on the floor and taken absolutely every where for a few years. To keep up with that a good nappy bag has to be made with a sturdy, wipe clean fabric, it needs to be well stitched and it’s hardware such as zips and feet need to withstand high use.

The other important factor is function. When you are constantly carting around a nappy bag filled to the brim with essentials it can start to feel heavy after a while so it needs to sit comfortably on you. You don’t want it putting a strain on your back. You don’t want it digging in to your hip. Plus it needs to be able to sit well on your pr

With almost a decade of experience running this shop, I’ve had the pleasure of encountering countless nappy bags. Trends may come and go in the world of nappy bags, but there are three key things that parents always look for.

First and foremost, a nappy bag needs to be a compartmentalisation genius. Let’s face it, during those early years, you need to carry a ton of stuff with you. And if there’s no designated spot for each item, you’ll find yourself endlessly rummaging through the bag, desperately searching for that elusive nappy wipe or spare nappy. That’s where a top quality nappy bag shines. With an abundance of cleverly designed pockets and compartments, this bag ensures that everything has its place. Say goodbye to the frantic search and hello to effortless organization!

Next up, durability is non-negotiable. A nappy bag goes through a lot in its lifetime. From being toted around to mother’s groups to surviving visits to the grandparents’ house, it needs to endure being attached to prams, thrown in the car, dropped on the floor, and taken absolutely everywhere for years on end. It needs to be crafted from sturdy, easy-to-clean fabric and expertly stitched, this bag needs to handle the wear and tear of everyday life with a baby and more. Its zippers and feet are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that it remains a reliable companion throughout your parenting journey.

Last but not least, let’s talk about functionality. When you’re constantly lugging around a fully loaded nappy bag, it can start to weigh you down. And that’s the last thing any parent needs. It has to be designed with your comfort in mind. It needs to sit comfortably on your back without causing any strain, and not dig into your hip, giving you the freedom to move and tackle your day with ease. Plus, you need to ensure it attaches to your pram or stroller!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a nappy bag that ticks all the boxes—organisational wizardry, durability, and ultimate functionality then scroll just a little bit more. It’s the cool, quirky companion you’ve been searching for, ready to make parenting a breeze. 

Who Makes the Best Nappy Bag in Australia?

OiOi is my all time favourite nappy bag company. Founded over 20 years ago by Aussie mum Lisa, OiOi is reknowned for their stylish beautifully made bags that stand the test of time.  

Fun fact, the name OiOi came about because that’s what Lisa used to call out to her little daughter Isabella when she wanted her attention.  Now that little girl is all grown up and runs OiOi along side her mum. Together with Lisa’s wealth of experience in the nappy bag industry and Isabella’s chic as hell style they have created a range of nappy bags that are to die for.

I have been lucky enough to see part of their design process and I can say they put their heart & soul into every creation from the style, to the fabric, to the print, right down to the quality control. They will keep on redesigning and tweaking a bag until they are both satisfied and there is not time limit on this so you can be assured that the final result is perfection.

With all of this in mind each OiOi nappy bag is really reasonably priced. Sure you can get cheaper nappy bags out there but seriously you get what you pay for and considering the design, materials and longevity this bag is a bargain!

The Best OiOi Nappy Bag

Asking to pick a favourite OiOi Nappy Bag is like asking to pick a favourite child.  But there is a stand out nappy bag that is hard to keep in stock as it flies off the shelves and it has won a few awards including the Tell Me Baby 2023 Highest Rating Nappy Bag Award, the Finder Award for the #1 Nappy Bag 2023 and the 2021 Bounty Best Nappy Bag Award. To name a few.

So it’s not just me that loves it!

The fan favourite is….the OiOi Signature Faux Leather Nappy Backpack

The first thing you will notice about this bag is that is one helluva gorgeous bag. It is made with the best faux leather that is strong yet soft and easily wipes clean which is a must with babies and kids. Even the lining on the inside wipes clean.

It has a nice wide opening so you can take a good look inside and find what you need. It is packed with pockets both inside and out and some are zippered for security, some are elasticised and some are purpose made for bottles. 

Included with the OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack is a cushioned changing mat, a insulated bag for baby’s bottle and a zip top purse for any soiled items.

It’s a backpack – need I say more. This means you can pop it on your back and have both hands free to take care of your little ones.  The good thing is the adjustable padded shoulder straps on this bag are super soft and comfy and it doesn’t feel heavy when you wear it.  Plus if you want to carry it by your side there is a handy carry handle right at the top.

It also comes with matching stroller straps that works on pretty much any pram or stroller.

Plus it comes in a range of divine colours.  The most popular one right now is the tan but if that’s not your colour then you will be spoiled for choice with a range of natural earthy colours like tan, oat, taupe (a gorgeous soft grey), olive and dusty grey.

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