Pregnant Belly Bump Casting

Pregnant Belly Bump Casting

Belly casting is a fun & creative way to remember your pregnancy .  A belly cast is a three dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman’s pregnant belly as a keepsake of her pregnancy. It is also known as a belly mask, a pregnant plaster cast, or prenatal cast.

When is the Best Time to do a Belly Cast?

It is recommended to cast your belly between 34 – 36 weeks of pregnancy. Not only is it the best size for casting then but you don’t want to delay it much later than that because sometimes babies arrive earlier than expected. You can also do a series of pregnancy life casts to capture the progression of your pregnancy. Say you  do one when you belly pops and then every few weeks after that.

Is Belly Casting Safe?

When done correctly belly casting is completely safe for mum and baby. But bear in mind it is important that only medical grade plaster & gauze is used to be completely safe.

Can I Make My Own Belly Cast at Home?

Absolutely! Our favourite kit is the Pearhead Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit, which contains everything you need to achieve a professional looking result. This is not something you will be able to do by yourself though it can be a little tricky. So I recommend enlisting the help of a hubby or a very close friend.  But the kit contains enough of everything to do the job and the instructions are clear enough that following them shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. It takes about 30 – 60 minutes to make depending on your skill level.  Once set the cast is gently removed by the mum using a wriggling motion. Then takes one or two days for the cast to dry completely.

What do People do with their Finished Pregnancy Life Casts?

You can keep your belly cast in its natural, white form or paint it, decoupage or mosaic it.   For a smoother look, lightly sand the belly cast with sandpaper, wipe it clean with a dry cloth and coat the cast with gesso which is a primer & sealant that can be found at the hardware store.

Belly casts can be hung on a wall, framed in a shadow box or displayed on a shelf. They can also be turned into functional objects such as a decorative bowl. You can have it as a feature at your baby shower and have the guests sign it.  My favourite use is to turn it into a newborn baby prop as pictured with bub curled up asleep inside it just as they would when inside the womb, or you can have them sleeping on top to signify their earth side transition.

Check out the Pearhead Belly Casting Kit here .

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