The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mum (not baby)

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mum (not baby)

A baby shower gift is one that will help the mum-to-be set up her home with all that she needs when baby arrives earth side.  The most popular baby shower gifts such as onesies, baby wraps, nappy cakes, change mats, baby baths and other baby essentials are all intended for bub, but what about mum?

Don’t get me wrong, of course you want to help an expecting mum out with all the things she needs for her new baby. A mum-to-be isn’t expecting to be showered with gifts for herself…but let’s face it,  she is doing an incredible amount of work growing a human being! Am I right?

Not to mention the sleepless nights and long days that are ahead of her when the baby arrives. The mum-to-be will definitely be needing some handy things that will directly  help her with those first few months and beyond.

Here is my top 10 baby shower gifts that are just for mum and not baby.

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1. A Beautiful Nappy Bag

Every new mum needs a good functional nappy bag but every mum wants a beautiful nappy bag.  Enter the OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Bag.  It’s every mum’s dream bag

This swoon worthy nappy bag has oodles of handy pockets designed to carry all of those baby necessities.  There’s zippered ones and elasticised ones and even a concealed one for those valuables like keys and wallet.

It’s a backpack which enables mum to free up her hands to do everything else a new mum needs to do when on the go. She can adjust the padded straps for maximum comfort and thanks to the included matching stroller clips she can hang it from her pram when out and about.

The OiOi Backpack comes with a cushioned changing mat, an insulated bag for baby’s bottle and a zip top purse for any soiled items she is all set and ready for outings with baby.

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2. Breast Milk Collector

To every mum who is breastfeeding her milk is liquid gold.  It is the source of nutrition for her baby so every drop she makes is so important to both her and her bub.  Don’t let a drop of it go to waste with the Haakaa Lady Bug Milk Collector.

This clever little device sits in her bra, so rather than the milk being absorbed into a breast pad, it is collected in the Ladybug and every drop of leakage or letdown is saved for baby. This device won’t draw out additional milk so it’s ideal for mums who leak breast milk and want to save it without it impacting their supply.

Mum can also wear the Ladybug on the other side while she is breastfeeding to catch her letdown.

It is completely portable and has small feet on the bottom to stand upright on any flat surface thus preventing spills after use. When she is ready to decant it, simply open the plug on the top and safely pour out the milk into a container or bottle.

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3. Heat & Ice Packs

Every new mum will experience some tenderness in their bits.  Whether it be down below after a natural birth or up the top from breast feeding.  Give her the gift of lessening this discomfort with the BodyICE Woman Heat & Ice Breast Pack

When heated and/or cooled the breast pads provides relief from soreness due to breast feeding, blocked milk ducts, breast engorgement and the general soreness she feels from being a new mum.

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4. Belly Bump Cast

Being pregnant is such a magical time in a woman’s life.  Belly casting is a fun & creative way to remember this magical time by taking a mould of your bump.  There are many professionals who will do this for a charge however we love Pearhead’s DIY Belly Casting Kit.  It comes with everything you need to take a professional looking cast of your bump.

This is something you may want to help your pregnant friend with as is not something she will be able to do by herself.  You can make an afternoon of it or even incorporate it into the baby shower activities.

Once done and dried she can display her magnificent bump in her favourite nook.  Or she can have her friends sign the finished product. Or perhaps use it as a prop for those precious newborn baby pics.

There are just so many uses and it truly such a beautiful way to remember one of the most incredible times in a mum’s life.

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5. Pregnancy Journal

There are so many incredible moment that happen in a pregnant woman’s life.  From the moment she finds out she is pregnant, to her first scan, the sexing scan, the gender reveal, the whacky food cravings and day to day special moments between her and her unborn baby.

Gift her the gift of remembering these forever and reading them out to her child when they are older with a pregnancy journal.  My personal fave is the Bump Pregnancy Journal from Australian mum duo, Write to Me.

Mum can record her pregnancy journey from conception to earth side with this beautiful linen covered journal.

This journal features pages for a weekly journal update and a bump photo, along with extra pages to note birth plans, names, books, websites, apps, appointments, nursery plans , shopping lists and so much more. The journal will be a treasured place to look back on and remember all the details while growing baby.

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6. Mama Robe

When a mum-to-be is at her final stages of pregnancy it can be hard to find clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.  Then when she gives birth that challenge goes up a notch with the need for clothing that can accommodate round the clock breastfeeding.

A popular gift for new mums is the OiOi Mama Robe.   Not only is it an on trend leopard print is has been purposely designed to to accommodate mum’s growing belly and then her post-partum figure.

Made from butter soft bamboo, it is lightweight and breathable making it extra comfortable during mum’s most uncomfortable times. It is hypoallergenic allowing moisture to evaporate and dry quickly. Its natural weave makes it stretchy enough for a nice snug fit, yet comfortable for all-day wear.

With no zips or buttons it is designed for any shape and the strategically placed ties are perfect for her growing belly and will cause no embarrassing peek-a-boos.

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7. Rockit

Babies often fall asleep with the gentle rocking motion of being pushed in the pram.  If bub is unsettled then it is super easy to pop them in the pram and take them for a walk.  But what if mum needs to stop along the way and order a well needed coffee, or pay for her groceries or baby supplies?  Once that pram stops rocking then bub starts crying giving mum no chance of sitting down to enjoy that coffee. This problem is solved with the Rockit.

The Rockit is a portable automatic pram rocker designed to rock bub to sleep. It secures to the pram handle and when turned on will work to rock the pram just as if it is still moving along. At the push of a button will begin rocking the pram.

You can also adjust the speed all depending on whether your bub likes a more gentle motion or a more rocking ride. After 30 minutes the Rockit will automatically turn off but it can quickly and easily be turned back on by pushing the button. It takes four AA batteries, which should last for 60 hours which works out to be about couple of months worth of rocking snoozes.

It’s also nice and quiet so it won’t disturb anyone around you when it is turned on. Plus it is even ‘showerproof’ so it can take a little light rain.

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