The Leander Matty Baby Change Mat

The Leander Matty Baby Change Mat

When baby first arrives one thing that you will be doing a lot of is changing their nappies.  As their bladder and bowel are so tiny it fills up fast and ideally you should be changing them every 2 – 3 hours around the clock.  This works out to be as many as 10 to 12 nappy changes per day when they are an infant and slightly less as they grow.  In all you are looking at a total of about 1500 – 1800 nappy changes a year!!  Ooph!! It is safe to say they are going to be spending a bit of time on the change table before they are toilet trained.  For this reason it is super important to get yourself a good quality change mat and the best one out there is hands down the Leander Matty Change Mat.


Why is the Matty so good?

Most babies don’t like getting their nappy changed as they can feel a little cold as they are popped onto the changing surface, having their clothes are removed and their warm nappy taken off.  Then there is the risk of them ‘leaking’ or worse, having an explosion during change time.  As a result it always seems like a rush to get baby’s nappy changed in record time.

The design team at Leander have considered all those challenges of change time in order to make life easier for the changer, and less stressful for baby. So let’s step through the features of the Matty to see just why it loved by parents the world over. 



The Matty is sturdy, but light enough that it can be easily moved from place to place.  It can be put on any flat surface such as the floor, a change table, the top of a dresser, a table or the laundry bench.  Thanks to the little silicon feet that are safely securely to it’s underside, it won’t slip and slide around during change times.

Soft & Comfy:

The Matty is made from Certified PUR which is a type of dense foam that is quite strong with a little bit of flex. It is a remarkable material that is very close to the feeling of bare skin and when you press into it there is a little bit of give. It is similar to the material used to make the Bumbo Floor Seat, or if you are new to the baby world, then it is similar to the soles of sneakers but just a little more solid.

Not only does this material make the Matty so soft and comfy, but it adapts quickly to body temperature so baby can have their nappy changed on the ideal surface for maximum comfort.

It is important to note that the PUR used to make the Matty does not contain any plasticisers which have been known to be toxic to humans.


The Matty is 100% waterproof. This means that any spills won’t leak in to the change mat itself.  It also means you can do away with change mat toppers and towels which equates to a lot less washing…woohoo!  You can wipe the Matty clean with a textile cloth with a little water & mild soap or alcohol to disinfect it.

Being waterproof it also means you can use it as the perfect cosy drying spot for after bathtime.


The Matty is a molded change mat. This means that it is all one piece and doesn’t have any seams or creases where bacteria or dirt can get in hide.  This means that this changing mat stays hygienic even after several years of high usage.


The Leander Matty’s surface is on a slight incline.  This means that when baby is placed on it their head sits slightly higher than their feet.  One benefit of this is that it places them at a better angle for digestion than if they were lying on a flat surface.  This positioning also helps reduces the symptoms of reflux or GORD.

This angled position is also great for maintaining eye contact with baby rather than having them staring directly into the ceiling.  That way you can change them while keeping them busy & entertained with little chats or songs or goofy faces.


There are no safety standards for change mats in Australia but you can find comfort in the fact that the Matty changing mat is tested and certified according to the high European standards for child safety and dangerous substances.

It also has a solid wooden boardbase secured to it’s  back which ensures stability wherever you place it.

The sides of the Matty are also raised for that extra little bit of safety during change times.


The Matty comes in 4 different colours designed to fit in with the décor of any home.

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