The Top 20 Baby Gifts Under $50

The Top 20 Baby Gifts Under $50

Fill bub’s stocking with the best little gifts with a little price tag. From bath toys to sensory play things these gifts are sure to give them a happy Christmas.


1. Tiny Activity Teether Toys Gift Set

This super cute set of three age level baby toys is the perfect gift for tiny ones who love to explore with their hands and mouth.

Created by Done by Deer each toy is designed to appeal to a certain stage and to stimulate baby motor skills and cognitive development:

The crocodile sensory rattle is for babies 2-4 months old when their motor skills are still quite erratic as it is very soft with tactile tabs and shapes for stimulation.

At 3-5 months the textured star teething rattle with its soft handle is ideal. Everything is explored via their mouths and the gums are starting to itch as teeth are starting to move through.

At 6 months old baby can explore with both hands and will enjoy testing the loops and the shaped handle of the circle toy.



2.  Avo Good Time

Get ready to guac and roll with Skip Hop’s adorable avocado stroller toy.

Featuring two halves that stick together, it’s easy for little hands to open and close.

Inside, they’ll find (surprise!) a peek-a-boo rattle “avocado pit” at the centre safely containing colourful beads that will fascinate your little one.

The plush, textured exterior and cute felt details make this a fresh and fun way to entertain baby wherever you go.

Like all Skip Hop’s stroller toys, it has a built-in loop and ring so you can easily attach it to the bar of your stroller, infant carrier or other gear.



3. Bee Fill Up Fountain

Bath toys are one of the best gifts for a little one.  Even when they are not yet able to hold and grasp they can still enjoy watching the toy and feeling the splashes of water as it entertains and educates.

One of our most popular bath toys is the Skip Hop Fill Up Fountain. 

To operate just dunk it in water, then lift it out by the  handles to create a fun water umbrella effect.

Bub will marvel at the cascading water while learning all about cause and effect.

The handles are purpose made for tiny hands so that they can easily learn to grasp and hold their fill up fountain and work to entertain themselves at bath time.

A buzzworthy addition to your baby water toys collection!



4. Spiral Toy

The Done by Deer Activity Spiral toy will keep your little one busy exploring and playing while on the go.

It comes with the soft spiral and three super cute soft toys plaus a teething ring

Soft plush Elphee will delight with soft touches and a sweet rattling sound.

Squeeze Ozzo the Rhino’s tummy and hear him made interesting crackling noises.

The little mirror is perfect for curious eyes and itchy gums can find relief in the two teething rings that are attached to it.

The flexible activity spiral can be fastened to the cot, car seat, pram or even mummy’s arm.

Available in blue (pictured) and powder (pink)



5. Matchstick Monkey with Gel Applicator

The Matchstick Monkey is an award winning teether that will soothe and calm baby’s sore gums with it’s innovative and clever features.

It’s wide monkey arms are easy to grasp and your lil one will love chewing on it’s flexible parts.  It is designed to pass through front teeth and right to the source of the pain.

On the back of the monkey head are little bumps that are soft and kind to your baby’s gums.  Spread your favourite teething gel on these bumps to add further pain relief in a way that is both easy and hygienic.

Thanks to these clever bumps, the Matchstick Monkey is perfect training toothbrush.

Pop it in the freezer for an extra soothing effect.  It’s steriliser safe too so you can ensure a clean chew every time.

Suitable from 3 months to 3 years, BPA-free and made from FDA-approved silicone.



6. Raffi Rattle

There is no better little gift for a tiny baby than the good ole rattle.  

There is one thing a baby can do well and that is clench their tiny little hands and what better way for them to self entertain than to pop a rattle in their fist and let them create their own music.

Done by Deer’s Raffi Rattle is the cutest little giraffe rattle.  Made from 100% cotton and has a lovely jingle safely tucked inside.

Raffi is a clever giraffe as he can stand all by himself.  He is also super cute and doubles as a sweet little cuddle toy for your little one.


7. Fill Up Buckets

Stack, fill and pour with these easy-grab Explore & More Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets from Skip Hop.

These colourful little buckets of fun are perfectly sized for little hands to grab, hold and pour thus providing endless bath time play while helping to build motor skills.

Each bucket has little holes in the base that are positioned differently so when filled with water it drains in a variety of ways with different sprinkle effects.

But don’t limit the fun to just bath time!  Take them to the pool or beach or your local splash park and have a ball with them there.

Then, when bath time’s done, just stack and store!



8. Robin Racoon Heartbeat Comforter


The Zazu Robin Racoon Comforter detects your little one’s cries and plays soothing sounds

The blanket is a soft as a feather and so comforting to hold and cuddle

The included sound module can play heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sounds and a loop of 3 lullabies all of which are designed to soothe and comfort.

Whenever your child starts crying the cry sensor will automatically activate the last played sound. The music will automatically switch off after 10 minutes.

You can even attach a dummy to Robin Racoon so no more lost pacifiers

Attach the comforter to the cot, stroller or carseat with the built in velcro loop.

The plush can be hand-washed after the sound module is removed.



9. Scoop & Catch Squirties

Turn a boring bath time into a fun fishing expedition with Skip Hop’s Scoop & Catch Squirties

This  adorable 4 piece set includes a catcher net that’s easy for little hands to grab and hold plus three adorable squirties for extra bath time fun.

Your little one will have a ball trying to catch the cute little squirties with the net then setting them free and doing it all over again and again.  This is not only lots of fun but teaches them co-ordination and cause & effect.

The squirties are a butterfly, bee & sun and float and bob around in the water and make for lots of bath time interactive play by themselves. 

Catch them if you can!



10. Light Up Surfers

Skip Hop’s Light Up Surfers are a cute little owl and a bee that love the waves. They float on their surfboard or on their own, lighting up when they make contact with water.

Little ones will love brightening up bath time with these glowing friends. 

You can even try dimming the lights and see how they light up the bath for some magical playtime.

They are just as much fun in the pool or the beach too.


11. Dex the Dog

ZAZU Plush with Heartbeat Dex

Dex the Dog is a soft musical toy that soothes and calms babies with a range of sounds and melodies.  Choose from a gentle soothing heart beat, waterfall and peaceful lullaby style melodies.

You don’t even need to turn this cute sleep aid on, simply shake to activate the sounds.

It also has a built in voice activated sensor that automatically plays the last sound baby cry out.

The adjustable sound volume means you can have it on the right sound level for baby.

Super soft to touch babies love the added comfort of this beautiful sleep aid from Zazu.


12.  Gina the Torch

The Zazu Gina Torch & Nightlight works as a soothing glowing nightlight for your little one as well as a colour changing torch to help them find their way in the night.
Used as a nightlight you can set Gina to glow through it’s 7 different colours of yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise or green.
Or you can choose your preferred colour and set it to that  for sleeping.
Kid friendly and can be easily switched on by pressing the button on Gina’s body until the night light switches on. Hold down the button until the desired light colour is found.
When plugged-in the nightlight will stay lit the entire night. Or the auto timer will switch it off after 30 minutes saving battery power.  Just press the button again to turn it back on if needed.
Gina the Giraffe can also be used as a torch for reading, exploring or finding your way around your room or throughout the house and to the bathroom.  When set to use as a torch it will auto switch off after 10 minutes – just in case it is accidently left on after exploring in the night. Gina contains a rechargeable battery that is charged with the included USB cable.



13. Selfie Phone

Time for baby’s first selfie taken on their very own selfie phone!

From the clever peeps at Skip Hop, the Explore & More Selfie Phone is like no other play phone.  Thanks to its mirrored surface this adorable toy phone encourages self-recognition at playtime.

It has three different light up face filters that are so much fun for little ones to explore. They will love each one from  goofy glasses to cute dog ears and more.

This selfie phone also has awesome sound effects including barks and meows plus cheerful tunes add to the fun!

But first, lemme take a selfie!



14. Fishin’ Fox

Let’s go fishing…… in the bath!

The Skip Hop Zoo Fishn’ Fox comes complete with three different sized floating fish for your little one to catch.

The hook is cleverly weighted making it so much easier to make a catch.   

The cute fox fishing pole even makes a “reel” cranking sound for an extra splash of bath time fun! 

You little one will have a ball trying to catch the little fishes in their bath all the while working on their co-ordination and cause & effect.



15. Timo the Toucan

Timo the Toucan is a friendly soft toy bird that actually claps his wings and makes sounds for the best interactive play time ever.

Your little one will try to play and sing along with this cute little toucan from ZAZU.

Press Timo’s left foot and you will hear the song ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’.  Who can resist learning to clap along to that?!

Press Timo’s right foot and he will start playing his interactive clapping game while singing ‘clap clap clap your hands, clap your little hands!’

It’s good clapping fun for little ones and toddlers too!



16. Narwhal Ring Toss

Skip Hop’s Narwhal Ring Toss bath time friend is ready to ring it in!

This adorable little narwhal is all set for a game of catch with your little one.

Just toss the rings onto its horn and score a splash of bathtime fun!

This super cute bath toy will teach your little one the fun of throwing to a target and the enjoyment of it catching on his little tusk.

Tired of throwing the rings?  Then just play with your cute little narwhal and enjoy a nice soak in the bath with him.



17.  Bo the Bunny

Bo the Bunny is a soft nightlight to keep your little one company during the dark nights.

This super cute companion comes complete with a soft glowing orange night light in their belly.  Ideal for toddlers and children that have a fear of the dark, or just need a little helping hand to soothe themselves to sleep at night.

Bo has a removable light module in his belly that gives a soft glowing light during the night with two brightness settings.

The nightlight and sounds are easily activated by squeezing the tummy. 

Bo includes a sound box containing 3 different melodies; Lullabies, Lounge & Nature sounds. With a choice of two volume settings.   

The integrated time function provides and auto shut-off.

The light & sound will automatically shut-off after 20 minutes.



18. Bandana Buddies

Squeak, crinkle, teethe & play!

Little hands stay active with Skip Hop’s range of colourful animals.

Each character has a range of patterns, textures and sounds that babies and toddlers love exploring and learning about.

Each one is perfectly themed according to the animal type for example the monkey has a cute little banana chewer attached to it and the kitty has a fishy toy and the elephant has a little green leaf.

The Bandana Buddies are ideal for fun at home or on the go as they rattle, crinkle and each one has a soft bandana teether for multi-sensory play.



19. Jittter Cactus Pram Toy

There is nothing prickly about this cute cactus!

Soft and plush to the touch, Skip Hop’s potted cactus pal vibrates and shakes when the ring is pulled.

Attach it to your stroller and entertain baby on-the-go.

It’s also great for play-at-home fun!



20.  Gummee Glove

The Gummee Glove is a cleverly designed mitten that puts an end to teethers being constantly dropped and dirtied or lost.

It also protects little fingers from being chewed on and making them red and sore.

Designed to fit babies from 3-6 months.

The mitten features a heart-shaped, silicone teething ring, side teethers and a crinkle patch. It can be adjusted to fit a baby’s hand with the velcro closure at the wrist.

The mitten itself is made of cotton and is padded for comfort and to absorb a baby’s saliva.


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